We are a small company with a BIG heart. Our journey started 20 years ago when we realized the need for gift-wrap. We saw that gift-giving played such a beautiful role in exchanging feelings here and there. Yet it seemed that most people neglected the most important ingredient: the presentation of the gift.

We were inspired to find a solution. Many long voyages we took: on camels, buffalos, sailboats and airplanes. We met some interesting tribes along the way. We exchanged cultures, languages and humor. We tasted exotic food. We took part in unusual but exciting celebrations.

We were taught that the way you present a gift is more important than the gift itself. That the element of surprise adds so much value. That gift-wrapping is not a mere act of covering up a gift, but an elegant form of art and self-expression.

Several moons later, we set back home with our findings and started PAPERMOON. We are very humble yet very proud to be the pioneers of quality gift-wrapping products & services. Join us in our journey and indulge in some happiness.

Nehal Alomari -
Concept Creator, Founder

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